Dream gemstone rollon

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Our D R E A M rollon is the perfect bedtime aromatherapy blend that contains Amethyst stones promoting relaxation & sleep. A blend of carrier oils with 100mg of hemp oil to help with pain & inflammation. It absorbs quickly through the skin making it ideal for use on temples, other pressure points on the body & areas of tension. 🌿The essential oil blend of Lavender, chamomile, lemon, sandalwood & neroli calms the mind and body. This roll on can be used at anytime conveniently to reduce anxiety, to calm the mind and help relax for a good nights rest. 😌 💜Amethyst is a protection & healing stone. It is known as one of the most spiritual stones. It Balances the crown and third eye chakra. It helps with headaches, stress relief and insomnia. Amethyst has many other healing properties that include: • Purification • Creativity • Cleansing • Meditation • Relaxation