About us

Budsuds - Is a Massachusetts Based Company created to combine Herbal
Skin care and Beneficial Cannabinoids to help promote quality , All natural , luxurious, effective Hemp infused Soaps and beauty products. We believe in the powers the plant offers while using the purest cosmeceutical grade lab tested 100% THC Free 99% Pure CBD derived only from  Hemp  mixed with Beneficial all natural / Certified organic ingredients to deliver a safer way to protect our skins barrier, Budsuds is using the plant in a whole new way, There are many ways to enjoy the plant but not many Know its beneficial in Topical skincare. Did you know there is no High - "Psychoactive effects" with using a Topical . CBD Hemp Oil  has been found to have anti-aging , anti-inflammatory and reducing stress properties and are very beneficial for skins with dry conditions that include eczema and psoriasis . Making Our products free of all unnecessary additives and chemicals is important to us, We are putting a new perspective on going "Green"